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NerdBody Daily Fitness Program

$ 79.95 $ 119.00

Designed by Professional Trainers Tested on Professional Nerds!

Mentally Smart but physically not very fit.  Too busy at your desk, your computer, in traffic to get to the Gym for that grueling workout you think you need.  Think Again Smarty. Can Are you smart enough to take a 1 to 2  minute break 4 or 5 times a day as if your health depends on it.  ? Of course you can, and yes your health does depend on it.  Your NERDbody Daily Fitness Program includes receive two sets of powerful resistance bands. a NERDbody workout guide, our personalized coaching reminder service, and access to the NERDbody resource center to help remind you to get up and move during your day.

It's the smart way busy professionals get fit.

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